McBarron Election Leaflet 1999

“For Irish Freedom and a Workers Republic Vote No.1 James Mc Barron”

While we don’t want to be mistaken for promoting Electoralism, we said we would include this old gem, James Mc Barron’s Election leaflet from the 1999 local elections, where he campaigned under the banner of the Cork Socialist Republican Group. He received a total of 111 votes in the second count.

jmb11111Ban all British warships from Cork, Disgracefully a full mayoral welcome has been extended to the British Navy everytime they have visited Cork in recent years including the night in 1996 when British Forces were batoning people off the streets of Garvaghy road and murdered Damien McShane in Derry. As a Councillor James McBarron will only support Mayoral candidates opposed to these propaganda visits and only members for the harbour commisioners who do likewise”

McBarron Election Leaflet

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