‘Rebel week’ sham

The Gombeen Classes are at it again!

The sham and absolute nonsense that is ‘Rebel week’ is nearly upon us, part of the ‘Gathering’, organised by the money hungry Gombeen classes, it kicks off on the 14th of October. Far from being about Rebels, its actually another opportunity for the City Council and associated elements to pull the wool over people’s eyes, and brush all the problems under the carpet. As the City stands, nearly 15 per cent of the city center shop units and buildings are empty, there is a growing homelessness problem and a rise in the use of Heroin in the city is visible everyday.

If you are an American Tourist coming to Cork for ‘Rebel week’ prepare to be ripped off!

‘Rebel week ambassador’, English market fishmonger and  British Monarchy enthusiast Pat O’Connell has sent the British Queen a ‘Rebel Passport’ , aside from the fact that the idea of a ‘Rebel passport’ is childish in the extreme, it seems the people promoting these events have no understanding of our history, the continued promotion of one of the most archaic and despicable institutions in a country that is still Occupied by the Forces of the British State,and in a city that fought hard to shake off the Colonial yoke, it looks like the Normalisation strategy of the British State extends well beyond the Six Counties.

The Royal visit of 2011 saw both Dublin and Cork city turned into the Police State, freedom of movement was restricted, Undercover Political Police stalked the streets stopping Republicans in the Days leading up to the visit, Millions were wasted , when cuts to the most important needs of the people were being made.

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The arse licking, grovelling, servile attitude displayed by the Captains of Industry in Cork is nothing new, according to the Cork independent it  “..is intended to celebrate Cork’s rich and unique Heritage and strong identity” , so why then are we being subjected the continued promotion of Royalism?

Cork’s strong identity is thanks to the Heroic sacrifices of the Men and Women who fought the  British Empire, not the Degenerate slave minded business classes who are yet again misrepresenting the proud people of Cork and wasting much needed money that could be spent on Housing, Health care and helping those living rough on the streets.

If you want to Celebrate Cork’s Strong Rebel History, why not celebrate the Boys of Kilmichael and how they wiped out the Black and Tans, or remember the likes of Cork men Dermot Crowley and Tony Ahern who died fighting British Rule in the early ’70’s in Fermanagh and Tyrone!


This waste of money that is ‘Rebel week’  doesn’t fool us!

An Lámh dubh.

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