Buried in Cork Prison since 1916

Thomas Kent, executed in 1916, Buried in Cork Prison.

Thomas KentThomas Kent was a Republican from Bawnard, Castleyons near Fermoy.

An active organiser with the Republican movement he and his Brothers stayed in Cork during Easter Week following the countermanding orders issued before the Rising.

Having been ready and willing to participate in the rising they stayed away from the family home for a time, eventually returning to it after the rising, on the 2nd of May the RIC came with orders to arrest the Kent Brothers, who were known as agitators and enemies of the Crown.

When the RIC arrived at Bawnard house, the Kents resisted, their elderly mother helping the sons with their small supply of weapons which included a few shotguns and a rifle, one RIC man was killed and when Richard Kent attempted to escape he was shot dead.When they ran out of ammunition the fight had ended, the Kent Brothers were arrested and taken to what was then Victoria Barracks in Cork City, one of the brothers, William was aqcuited on the charge of murder, David was also sentenced to Death but it was commuted to five years penal servitude.

KentsThomas was executed on the 9th of May and is buried in Cork Prison, one of the sixteen executed in the aftermath of the rising.

Should one of Ireland’s hero’s remain forever buried within a prison?  The fact that Thomas Kent hasn’t been re-interred after all these years shows how much the state cares about the struggle this man and many others waged to free Ireland.

Does the state care?    

The 26-county state continues to wage a war against Republicanism, with its continued policy of Collaboration with the British state to combat militant Republicans, (which includes the age old tactic of Internment in the form of Section 30 offense’s against the state act), constant harassment, intimidation, attacking Republican funerals, spreading lies through the mainstream media, is it any wonder Thomas Kent continues to lie in a grave in Cork prison, this sorry episode is a true reflection of the 26 county state’s attitude to one of Ireland’s Hero’s and its attitude to the Republican struggle in general.

Thomas Kent should be re-interred and should be afforded a proper burial and not forever be imprisoned and kept from the Irish People.

He should be remembered as a hero of 1916.


An Lámh Dubh.

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