Plaque to General Daniel Florence O’Leary is missing

The Bust below in Fitzgerald’s Park to General Daniel Florence O’Leary.

2013-07-16 16.16.49

The plaque to General Daniel Florence O’Leary, is missing. When we went searching for it recently we discovered that it has been taken down from the house near O’Leary place on Barrack st.

IMG_0350Above the House at 89 Barrack St where the plaque used to be, if you zoom in on the picture, and look at the middle level windows you can see the bolts on the wall where it used to be fixed between the two windows on the left i.e the left and middle windows.

IMG_0351General Daniel Florence O’Leary who was from Barrack St Cork city had fought in Simon Bolivar’s War of independence in South America,  He compiled a massive 32 volume History of those times entitled “Memorias del General O’Leary” which can be seen in the Boole library in UCC.

For more information on the life and times of this fascinating character see the following piece written by his great great grandson Peter O’Leary, click on the link below.

“Celebrating Venezuela’s General Daniel Florence O’Leary”

If you have any information about the missing plaque or what may have happened to it please contact us at or on facebook at

Thanks to Jason Nott for sending in the photo of the bust in Fitzgerald’s park.

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