The Mass Grave At Carr’s Hill

Below are pictures from todays trip to Carr’s hill mass grave. Found on the Cork to Carrigaline road many will know it for the big cross that lights up at night in the middle of it.

2013-11-09 15.36.08The Genocide of the 1840s has become known as ‘The Famine’ in our school books and elsewhere but the word famine would imply a shortage of food as opposed to the wholesale theft of our Corn, oats, wheat, butter, bacon, cattle among other things. How long will they peddle the lies that it was down to the potatoe crop failing?  The mouths of our ancestors ran green from eating grass while our food was being exported to benefit the empire, never was such an act of horror and devastation visited upon the Irish people in all our history, imagine the scene, with the stench of death everywhere, thousands of bodies were heaped upon carts and brought to Carr’s hill.

2013-11-09 15.23.30Below the plaques in the field, the first one reads ” 150th anniversary An Gorta Mór In memory of the thousands of Cork people who died during the great famine and are buried here go ndeana dia trocaire orthu unveiled by Jean Kennedy Smith U.S Ambassador erected by the Cork Remembrance Committee 2nd June 1997″

2013-11-09 15.22.34Below the plaque at the foot of the cross

2013-11-09 15.24.39“To the memory of  Mr Jack Sorrenson Cork Taxi driver who single handedly erected this cross so that our famine dead would be remembered   An Gorta Mór Famine Commemoration Committee 1997”

2013-11-09 15.20.48May they never be forgotten.

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