The Nationalism of Canon Sheehan – Jim Hurley

Another one of three Lectures by Jim Hurley

Jim Hurley (1902-1965) was a veteran of the Tan War and Civil War and was at one time OC (Officer Commanding) Clonakilty Battalion, 3rd West Cork Brigade IRA.  An accomplished sportsman winning many Hurling medals with Blackrock Hurling team, he also played football for Clonakilty and UCC.  While living in Meath he played Hurling for Kilmessan, later in 1944 he became secretary and Bursar in UCC, this is one of three lectures that are part of the Walter McGrath Fenian collection.

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“Patrick A. Canon Sheehan of Doneraile,  Co. Cork was born in Mallow on the 17th of March 1852.  He died on the 5th October,  1913.  A number of books as well as theses,  and scores of articles, have been written on him and on his works.  They deal essentially with his work as a novelist and a literary man.  The purpose of this lecture however,  is to endeavour to assess his place as an Irish Nationalist and to establish that his writings,  which appear to have been more widely read in the first and second decades of this century than at any other period since then, contributed to the strengthening the resolution of the people to attain an effective voice in Governing the nation.  They even influenced some members of the generation then attaining manhood to such an extent as to give them the convictions necessary for active participation in the country’s struggle for independence against the occupying British Forces.”

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