Cork Protest at ‘Cap in Hand’ Trend

An article from the United Irishman /An tÉireannach Aontaithe June 1964 about Tom Barry addressing a public meeting against the invitation of the Earl of Rosse to the International Choral Festival.

I am not protesting against the Earl of Rosse in his personal capacity, I am not worried about his royal connections and I am not concerned with his private life;   I am protesting against the people who want to bring him here to represent  us to the visitors from nine nations at this International Choral Festival.  I want it to go out from this meeting tonight that this invitation is a betrayal of our history an insult to our dead  and a shame on our citizens. The Lord Mayor  owes it to his predecessors and his electors not to associate himself with this invitation and to keep clear”

Protestatcapinhandtrendtombarry“…..we  have seen the trend here for some years. We saw that our people were going the way in which they would again take their caps in their hands before the Lords of the conquest”

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