‘More Arrests’ June 5th 1940

“More Arrests. Another round-up in Cork City and County”

From the Irish Examiner June 5th 1940

From the Irish Examiner June 5th 1940

Above a snippet from the Irish Examiner June 5th 1940 shows how Internment was the order of the day in the campaign to defeat Irish Republicanism in the 1940’s.  Today, 2014,  Internment is still used as a weapon against Republicans North and South of the Border.

Many in the North find themselves ‘On Remand’  for years before ever even seeing a Court, in the South, Republicans can find themselves before a non jury court on trumped up charges.   Presently there are over 120 Republican Prisoners  North and South.

The ‘perennial war’ it seems is set to continue.

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