Richard O’Meara , Interned by the Free State 1923

Following the end of the Irish Civil War Internment was used to break the remanants of the IRA, thousands were imprisoned  , and on the 9th of August 1923  Richard O’Meara from Cork found himself  ‘detained’ under Richard Mulchahy’s  ‘Public Safety (Emergency Powers) Act 1923′.

Unfortunetly not much is known at this time of Richard’s Activities in the Movement he may like his brother Bob, have been a member of the Cork Volunteers’ Pipe Band but we can’t confirm this.  Following his release he went to England, like many Republicans, unable to secure employment, he emigrated, sadly never to return.

Richard O'Meara

Richard O’Meara

Order by the Minster for defence whereas O’Meara Richard 18 Victoria St, Cork (hereinafter referred to as the prisoner) was at the date of the passing of the PUBLIC SAFETY (EMERGENCY POWERS) act 1923, detained in Military Custody”

A very rare item, the original

Richard O’Meara’s ‘Arrest Sheet’ under the Public Safety (Emergency Act ) 1923

Now I Risteard UA Maolchatha as executive minister within the meaning of said act do hearby order and direct that the prisoner be detained in custody under the said act until further order but not after the expiration of the said act”


Many thanks to the O’Meara Clann for this invaluable piece of local Republican History

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