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Fenians: Margaret Dillon writing to Brian Dillon September 1868

Another one of  the Brian Dillon Prison Letters , this one is from Mother to Son in Woking Gaol,  September 1868.   Advertisements

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Séamus Ó Líonacháin on the night before Republican Desmond Swanton was killed

Below is an extract from  the online book   “A Rebel Spirit” – the Life and Times of Séamus Ó Líonacháin -1963. As seen on the Irish Republican Marxist History Project Site. Séamus Ó Líonacháin (Jim Linehan) was captured by RUC/B-Specials at … Continue reading

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“Ambush in Leap”

Ambush in Leap -Three Policemen Wounded -Houses in Glandore Wrecked Another snippet from the Cork Weekly Examiner October 30th 1920.  

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