Edward Duffy, Ballaghadereen

Edward Duffy, Ballaghadereen  “The Fenian Emmet” Patriot and Martyr  from Ireland’s Own July 1930

Ireland's Own

Ireland’s Own July 5th 1930

“Edward Duffy was not what our present materialistic world would call a great man he amassed no wealth; wrote no book or essay on science or history, won no battle by land or sea.  Nevertheless he was great,  great in the depth of his love for the land of his birth to which he was linked and wedded from boyhood’s bloom to manhood’s prime great in his constancy and consistency to the faith that was in him great in his service and sacrifice for what he believed to be a just and holy cause. Never actuated by base and selfish motives, his mind constantly fixed on his God and his country tried in the furnace and found pure- hence he was known in his day as the Fenian Emmet”

Ireland's Own July 5th 1930

Ireland’s Own July 12th 1930

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