Thomas Kavanagh Christmas Card to Pat Tintown 1942

Below, the Christmas Card from Thomas Kavanagh,  Brother of Martyred John Joe Kavanagh (who was murdered by DeValera’s Special Branch) to Pat Neville. It forms part of the Kevin Neville Collection.

Thomas Kavanagh was Interned himself in the Curragh in the 40s, a Socialist Republican, he was supportive of the actions of the men involved in the explosion on St. Patricks Day in the Republican Plot at St Finbarrs Cemetary,  where DeValera was due to Unveil a monument, the indecisiveness and lack of action on the part of the Movement led Volunteers Desmond Swanton and Gerry Madden to take matters into their own hands. Unfortunelty Desmond Swanton was to lose his life in the explosion.  Thomas Kavanagh was also part of the Raid on Thomas Ashe Hall,   “in defense of the rights of republicans outside the republican movement, to publish their views re Desmond Swanton’s untimely death. ” 

Go to the videos section and watch “Desmond Swanton Commemoration,  Cork,  1964”  He is behind the Piper, Second from the left.

KN CARD 1 P2“Tintown 1942  To Pat from Thomas Kavanagh, best wishes  Christmas Greetings from Tintown”



Thanks to Jim Lane.