Bandon Road. (city)

IRA plaque on Bandon road right across from Galvins Off licence.

IMG_2984It states : “This plaque is erected to the memory of the follwing members of C COY. 2nd BATT 1st Cork BDG. I.R.A. Who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country 1920-1923                     VOL Eamon Tierney 16th DEC 1920       VOl. Charles Daly 1st March 1921 Captain William Spillane 30th June 1922                  LIUT George Bourke 22nd DEC 1923  DR Corn. Lucey BDG Staff.     Erected by C COY 2nd BATT  1st Cork BDG I.R.A.   11th Sept 1960”