Bartlemy (county)

Bartlemy, “the last battle of the tithe war”.

The tithe war, as it was known, came about as ‘tithes’  or taxes were forced upon people who worked the land, tithes were to be paid to the state Church, the Church of Ireland for its upkeep and paid irrespective of one’s religious beliefs, even though the vast majority were Roman Catholic.

Below the Monument to Tithe war massacre in Bartlemy in 1834

IMG_3016It states : “Feadh na Mumhan ba scéala trua mar cuireadh ar ar an Tslua an tath M.O Hárgain  In memory of the tithe war massacre at the nearby farmyard of the widow Johanna Ryan Ballinakilla, Gortroe (now Bartlemy) on the 18th Dec 1834 in this the final battle of the tithe war nine people were killed instantly and forty five wounded a consequence of which three died later. Erected as a testament to an heroic stand by an unarmed people and as a memorial to those fallen twelve.

Michael Barry  Wm Cashman  John Collins  Michael Collins   Patrick Curtin   John Daly  Michale Lane  Richard Ryan  Wm Twomey  Wm Ambrose  John Cotter   Wm Ivis

IMG_3020A ‘rallying call’

IMG_3022Below a ‘weeping widow’

IMG_3021Bartlemy can be found 7km east of Watergrasshill.