Belgrave place/ Scoil Ite (city)

The Historic No 4 Belgrave place off Wellington road.

Scoil Ite, founded By Mary and Eithne MacSwiney, sisters of the Martyred Hunger Striker Terence Macswiney in 1916, it is now occupied by Sheilas Hostel.

IMG_0015It was here in December 1938 that the remaining members of the second Dáil 1921  handed over what they believed to be the legitimacy of the Government of the Irish Republic to the IRA Army Council

The statement below issued at the time:

“IRA take over the Government of the Republic”.

In consequence of armed opposition ordered and sustained by England, and the defection of elected representatives of the people over the period since the Republican Proclamation of Easter 1916 was ratified, three years later, by the newly inaugurated Government of the Irish Republic, we hereby delegate the authority reposed in us to the Army Council, in the spirit of the decision taken by Dáil Éireann in the spring of 1921, and later endorsed by the Second Dáil.
In thus transferring the trust of which it has been our privilege to be the custodians for twenty years, we earnestly exhort all citizens and friends of the Irish Republic at home and abroad to dissociate themselves openly and absolutely from England’s unending aggressions: and we urge on them to disregard England’s recurring war scares, remembering that our ancient and insular nation, bounded entirely by the seas, has infinitely less reason to become involved in the conflicts now so much threatened than have the neutral small nations lying between England and the Power she desires to overthrow.
Confident, in delegating this sacred trust to the Army of the Republic that, in their every action towards its consummation, they will be inspired by the high ideals and the chivalry of our martyred comrades, we, as Executive Council of Dáil Éireann, Government of the Republic, append our names.
 Séan Ó Ceallaigh (Ceann Comhairle) -George Noble Plunkett -Professor William Stockley -Mary MacSwiney -Brian ó hUiginn-Tom Maguire-Cathal Ó Murchada

IMG_0016After this the IRA Army Council considered itself to be the Legitimate  Government of the Irish Republic, even today there are groups which claim a direct link to this Lineage.

Below the plaque on the wall, it reads : Scoil Ite 1916-1954 Bunaithe ag Maire agus Eithne Nic Shibhne 4 ait Belgrave  –  Scoil Ite 1916-1954 founded by Maire and Eithne MacSwiney 4 Belgrave Place