Grand parade monument

The National Monument on the Grand Parade.

IMG_2950Unveiled on St Patrick’s Day 1906  by the Cork Young Ireland Society, it is by far the most impressive Monument in the city.It was built to commemorate the Rebellions of 1798, 1803, 1848 and 1867. An inscription on the monument states :

“Erected through the efforts of the Cork Young Ireland Society to perpetuate the memory of the gallant men who fought in 1798  1803  ’48  ’67 who fought in the wars of Ireland to recover her sovereign independence and to inspire the youth of our country to follow in their patriotic footsteps and imitate their heroic example and righteous men will make our land a Nation once again”

Nowadays, its the starting point for some Easter commemorations, and in 2011 the 3oth anniversary of the Hunger Strikes of 1981 was commemorated here by Republican Sinn Féin.

IMG_2953Pictured above, the Michael Dwyer statue stands minus one arm, its been said by many that the city council knocked it off during works being carried out on the grand parade a number of years ago.

IMG_2951Above, Peter O’Neill Crowely, the Fenian, standing tall with rifle in hand, who was killed by British Troops in Kilclooney woods.

IMG_2958In the centre of the monument is ‘Mother Erin’.

Below, the other two figures, Wolfe Tone, ‘the father of Irish Republicanism’ and the Young Irelander from Mallow, Thomas Davis, who established the famous newspaper ‘The Nation’. IMG_2955IMG_2957Below also are some additional plaques that were added to the monument at later dates….

IMG_2961IMG_2956The above plaque added in 2012, states : “In memory of those who served the cause of Irish Independence 1916 – 1923″. It was unveiled by Cllr Terry shannon. FF.

As you can see from the picture below, the invasive weed the Buddleia emerging from the top area of the monument, if left alone it will further damage the monument.

IMG_2959In 2009 Cllr Brian Bermingham in typical Fine Gael fashion ‘rededicated’ the monument alongside imperialist cheerleaders the British legion. As always throughout the struggle for the All Ireland Republic there are those who wish to distort the message of Tone, Dwyer, Davis and Crowley.