Rebel Cork’s Fighting Story wishes to express its solidarity with Irish Republican and Revolutionary Prisoners Worldwide, we would encourage people to send prisoners postcards, letters and Books where they can, even a short message of solidarity on a postcard can go a long way.

This section is to Highlight the existence and in many cases the plight and ongoing struggles of Current Irish Republican POW’s held in Portlaoise, Maghaberry, Magilligan, Hydebank wood, Mountjoy and Limerick.

576905_246143842151913_1888379106_nInternment never ended in Ireland and there is a very active policy on both sides of the border to Gaol and Intern Republican activists. In the Occupied Territory a blatant form of Internment is being used whereas in the 26 counties the State uses Section 30 offences against the state act and non jury courts to convict people in many cases purely on the word of a Garda.

251180_285384961561134_1225465751_nRecent years in Maghaberry prison have shown that the ugly face of British Imperialism is to the fore in deciding Prison policy. Torture, beatings , controlled movement and forced strip searching led to a dirty protest which lasted over two years which thankfully was brought to an end by rationale thinkers among the prisoners.

Contact the various Republican Prisoners representative groups to get an accurate list of prisoners.