The Road To Revolution In Ireland IRF 1966

“The Road To Revolution In Ireland” is a Revolutionary Socialist document from veterans of the Border Campaign who sought to promote left-wing politics within Republicanism. It has already featured on The Cedar lounge and we felt as it is essential reading for any student of Republican history, likewise anyone involved in Republican politics we should share it here.

Written by the Irish Revolutionary Forces,  who represented a left-wing current within Cork Republicanism and who on one particular occasion clashed with the local IRA in an armed raid on the Thomas Ashe hall, among its ranks were people like Kevin Neville, Seán Daly, Brendan O’Neill  and Jim Lane. It argues for the movement to be built on the “principles of revolutionary socialism” and for the the formulation of a Revolutionary programme. The revolution it argues will have a two phased approach , “An Irish revolutionary programme must be based on the destruction of the neo-colonial system, and the­ construction of a new socialist order.


Below are some extracts, from the introduction-

There are many in Ireland who flippantly disregard the great need for a theoretical knowledge of revolution by saying that it is ACTION and not THEORY that is required. This sort of error is one which cannot avoid producing dire consequences.

A thorough understanding of revolutionary theory is indispensable to the successful pursuance of revolutionary action. A revolutionary activist can no more cope with the many and diverse problems of revolution without revolutionary theory, than can an electrical engineer master his problems without a knowledge of electricity. The question is as simple and straight forward as that.”

and on the issue of armed struggle-

“….. should the Unprecedented occur, wherein – our objectives could be gained without the use of force, and where the use of force could indeed complicate, rather than Complement, the realization of a programme, then, under those particular circumstances a  policy of physical  force would in fact be in direct violation of our­ principles, since it would be antagonistic to the realization of our programme”

Thanks to Jim Lane.