Tureengarriv Glen

On the twenty-eight of January the wind blew cold and shrill
Those volunteers assembled in a place called Daly’s Glen
They took up their positions ‘mongst the heather furze and stone
And captured six staff officers and Major General Holmes

The evening sun was beaming as those lorries came in sight
The hearts of all those rebel boys were beating with delight
They little dreamt of cowardice as those Crossley cars sped in
“Hands up me boys” Sean Moylan’s cries went echoing through the glen

Those hierlings showed resistance and opened heavy fire
Without effect they feared their doom to escape was their desire
The steady aim and quick exchange proved death was near them then
And many a wound each hierling found in Tureengarriffe Glen

After twenty minutes fighting fierce those hierlings showed despair
They’d been thro France and Flanders they had wished to show no fear
They had gained distinguished medals they were shrewd and daring men
But could not compare with those rebel boys in Tureengarriffe Glen

At last they should surrender which grieved them much to do
And gave up their full equipment and their ammunition too
They had to part their Crossley cars soon manned by gallant men
Who with rifles guns and hand grenades left Tureengarriffe Glen

Holmes’ poor condition it was a ghastly sight
This one of cruel Britannia’s sons would scarcely last till night
First aid was quickly rendered to him and all his men
And for medical aid they were conveyed from Tureengarriffe Glen

Here’s to the second battalion and its fearless fighting squad
Truer and nobler hearted men Old Ireland never had
Along Blackwater’s valley, those proud and daring men
Ne’er proved their power and valour as in Tureengarriffe Glen