Desmond Swanton Commemoration, Cork, 1964

Volunteer Desmond Swanton of the Irish Republican Army was killed in a premature explosion, at the Republican Plot Cork in the early morning of March 17th , 1963.

The Desmond Swanton Commemoration Committee, Cork, held a commemoration on the 17th March, 1964, the first anniversary of Des Swanton’s death. The parade led by a Colour Party marched from the Glasheen Road, first to the Republican Plot, in St. Finbarrs’ Cemetery and then onto the Swanton family plot nearby. The colour party consisted of Brendan O’Neill (Parade Marshal), Gerry Higgins (Bugler), Terry O’Neill (Flag Bearer), Roy Keating. and Jim Lane, (Piper).

In addition, members of the Swanton and Madden families, including Gerry Madden, who was badly injured in the explosion in 1963, were waiting at the Republican Plot for the marchers to arrive. (Gerry Madden can be seen in the crowd, he is the person with the eye patch)

*** Thanks to Jim Lane.